This is short because I haven’t been very prolific at recording stuff, though I’m aiming to catch up! I have a lot on cassette which I’ll bypass because of iffy quality – and cassette players are so last century!

‘Long Nights & Banjo Music’ by Wes McGhee (Terrapin Records TRP 7861) My only transmission to vinyl – as a backing singer! It’s still available via Wes’s website - a bargain at £4.99 - I think he charged me more for my copy! If you haven’t heard of Wes, you should check him out – he writes great ‘new’ country songs, is much respected in Texas and sells well pretty much everywhere - except the UK (duh!) ‘Back On The Road’ is a particular gem which will resonate with jobbing musicians everywhere!

‘On The Killing Floor’ – 7:17 Blues (Second City Blues SCB CD2) – recorded at UB40’s Abattoir Studios (I have some available for sale - £10. I can get them signed by Dave Smith and myself but the other members of the band have disappeared to the four corners of the globe, possibly for tax purposes – collector’s item!)

And now –following a gestation longer than the average African elephant – my solo CD is available! Titled ‘Jupiter and the Crescent Moon’, it’s a collection of ten self-penned songs with a running order of: Still Talking; My Autumn Mood; Trails, Jupiter and the Crescent Moon; Mole in the Ground; Closer To You; By A Candle Flame; Surrender to You and the Night; Show Me Your Pain (Try to Talk About It); Swansong. It features me on vocals and acoustic guitar and Colin Warren on standard and fretless bass and was recorded by Luke Tasker, who co-produced it with me. A big thanks to both him and Colin for all their patience, support and encouragement. It costs £10 and the best way to get one, at present, is to e-mail me at:, get to one of my gigs or drop in at Rise in Worcester. There’ll be a launch gig early in 2014 – but I’ll have some available at any gigs I do in the meantime (including The Very Grimm Brothers)! I shall be upgrading the website soon to include an online order and payment facility and making it available for mp3 download.