I specialise in teaching beginners and improvers but also teach more advanced acoustic and electric technique, particularly blues and rock. I have been teaching beginners and improvers individually and in groups for more than thirty years and currently teach at Worcester College of Technology. Ive developed a method to get you playing quickly its not a magic bullet, you still have to put in the effort and get the sore fingers but it seems to work!

Ages from ten upwards, but Im happy to be flexible and Ill be straight with you if your child is too young, not interested or would be happier playing the flute! Quite a few of my recent pupils have been returners to the guitar after many years, having struggled to learn from a tutor book, or always hankered to play but never quite got around to it. Now is the time to retrieve that case from the loft or under the bed, blow off the dust and have some fun! If youve been playing for a while but hit a plateau, I can help contact me for a free assessment session.

The first lesson is three quarters of an hour and free, subsequent lessons are half an hour contact me on johnkate.malvern@talktalk.net or phone me on 01684 565854 or 07974 852 254 . The current rate is 12 per half hour. Youll normally need to come to me - I can come to you but it will cost a little extra dependent on distance.